Review of the Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 for Dealing With RSI Pain

The Logitech Wireless Trackball M570

I recently bought the Logitech Trackman M570 to see how it helped with dealing with RSI issues. Co-workers of mine and advice online led me to believe that using a Trackball based mouse instead of a normal one could almost completely reduce RSI issues.

Here are a collection of my thoughts about the purchase:

  • Using a trackball with the thumb feels weird and a bit imprecise. I just found I couldn’t get used to it.
  • The quality of the trackball left a bit to be desired. It just didn’t feel smooth like I expected.
  • I felt like I was was actually having to do more work to move the mouse than with a normal mouse.
  • Many of my co-workers (fellow programmers) swear by the mouse.

The M570 With the USB Wireless Transmitter

Reccomend or Avoid?

In the end I think I am going to avoid the Trackman M570. I just can’t get used to using it and more importantly I feel like I have to actually do MORE work with my hands when using it.

Keep in mind though, that YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). So, I encourage you to just try it out. There is pretty much zero risk when you buy from Amazon or Walmart as you can return the mouse if it just does not work out for you!

Please, please leave comments below if you have tried the mouse at all. Your comments may help another person in their decision to try it out. I am also interested if people think I should just return it or try it for a bit longer. Maybe it gets better after using it for a while?

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