Review of Seeing an ART (Active Release Therapy) Practitioner for RSI/TOS Pain

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So, my RSI pain has been acting up a bit lately and I decided to finally get serious about solving this issue. With that in mind, I decided to go to see an ART (Active Release Therapy) therapist that had good reviews on Google Maps.

On the first visit I was seen by a nurse that did a very basic medical evaluation and then asked me questions, tested my blood pressure, stuff like that. Then she let me know that she would follow up with me throughout my treatment. She also let me that they had injections that they can do into tight muscles if that is something I wanted to explore. I felt kind of like I was being sold to.

Then I met with the ART Therapist/Chiropractor and he performed the Active Release Therapy. He focused on massaging my hands, forearms, wrist and neck. It was painful but not unbearable. Afterwards I felt better but definitely not cured.

Next he adjusted me. If you are not familiar with chiropractic adjustment it is manipulating the joints in your back to make them pop. It is not backed up by any real science but I will say that I have had success in the past with it relieving pain for lower back injuries and stuff like that.

I expected more of a focus on giving me exercises to do and teaching me how to treat my own issues but there was none of that. This place was setup like a factory. Get the patient in, perform some stuff on him, collect the copay and get them out.

After the adjustments they put me on the electrical stimulation machines. I feel like these machines do nothing and are more of placebo for patients than anything.

I wound up going another 3 times before I realized the adjustments and ART were doing nothing. I mean the ART massage felt good and caused a bit of release but you can’t go in for that 3 times a day.

This is why you have to learn how to release your own muscle knots! My advice is to be weary of ART therapists/chiropractors and to stick to Doctors and Physical Therapists. In my experience, they are more likely to want to help you rather than trying to make money off of you.

In the end I got better results by just upping my own therapy I do in the morning and at night. I had gotten lazy with it lately which is why I think I had a flare up of my RSI issues.

I also started finally sleeping on my back all night and I think that really helped a lot! I am going to share in one of my next posts my secret to getting that done.

I also plan to go see a physical therapist again so I will be writing about my experience with that.

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