Drinking a Bottle of Water to Fight RSI

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So this is quite a simple idea but I have found really good results by drinking a large bottle of water (with a pinch of Sea Salt) every day right when I wake up.

Why water may help with RSI

It’s accepted that dehydration can cause your connective tissues to not function properly. Properly hydrated muscles and fascia move more smoothly and recover from injury more quickly. Since RSI is a soft tissue disorder it only stands to reason that keeping your body properly hydrated can help relieve some of your RSI issues (or at the very least stop dehydration from adding to them).

Why the Sea Salt?

So this idea I got from Kelly Starret’s book Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World.

In that book he suggests adding a pinch of salt to your water in order to promote the proper absorption of the water. Apparently, it’s a lot like adding electrolytes to your water with Electrolyte Pills

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